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Parents Find Signs Near Son's Grave Disrespectful

The Short of It

Parents say signs in the yard adjacent to the grave of their son, who died of a drug overdose, are disrespectful.

The Lowdown

After finding a syringe in her Stoughton, Mass., backyard, Barbara Simpson posted handmade signs asking people not to throw bottles and syringes on her property. She runs a daycare at her home, which is adjacent to Evergreen Cemetery, and she's concerned that the two little girls who play in her yard will get hurt by the paraphrenalia left by people who come to the cemetery at night to party. The signs say variations of: "This is a daycare. Please take your syringes with you! Do not dispose of syringes/bottles over this fence!"

Unfortunately, the parents of Evan Greene, who died of a heroin overdose in 2014, don't like having to see the signs when coming to visit their son's grave, which is just feet from Simpson's property and her signs that are posted on her side of the fence.

Simpson says she feels she has to post something to let people know that littering, especially of syringes and bottles, is dangerous for the children who play in her yard. She says she isn't targeting the Greenes or drug-overdose victims. In fact, her son's best friend is buried next to Evan, and he also died of a drug overdose.

The Upshot

The Greenes would like the handmade signs to come down and have the cemetery post a warning instead, which Simpson said would make her happy, too. I'm not sure what the Greenes find disrespectful about Simpson's signs, but it does seem like the cemetery should have better security to prevent people from partying on its graves, which is the real disrespectful part of this story.

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