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Parents Fly Off the Handle When They See Hooters Girls at Cub Scout Camp

The Short of It

Denver parents are outraged when they learn their sons attended a cub scout camp sponsored by a local Hooters restaurant.

The Lowdown

Several parents are rightly questioning why their young boy scouts were posing with Hooters' girls wearing tight T-shirts on the restaurant's Facebook page.

According to local news station KMGH-TV, the bar known for wings, and well, other things, actually sponsored the camp, and the Boy Scouts of America has also confirmed the establishment made a financial contribution.

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It turns out Hooters did more than just write a check, though. A manager at the Denver location said he provided three female employees each day to work as volunteers with the boys. And yes, the girls were wearing their widely recognizable, one-size-too-tight T-shirts.

Michelle Kettleborough, whose 7-year-old son attended the camp, told KMGH that upon seeing the since-removed photos on Facebook, she was stunned.

"I step back for a second, and I take a look, and I'm like, 'Are they wearing Hooters visors? Wait a minute. Quite honestly, we're questioning whether we're going to keep him in the organization at all next year," she said.

Another mom, Marsha Corn, added, "We love the scouts, [but] we think they made a very poor choice. And what I would like—and what I think would go a long way, again—is some accountability."

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But so far, the local Boy Scouts chapter has done little to appease concerned parents. A spokesperson for Boy Scouts of America in Denver explained to KMGH in a statement that a "group of trained volunteers mistakenly wore the wrong attire" to the camp. Apparently, the issue "was addressed by our Council leadership" and that "[w]e extend our apologies for this mistake and look forward to continuing our mission of serving youth in the Denver area."

The Upshot

I'm not sure we need to be teaching our boys how to be male chauvinists quite so early in their development. So I understand why these parents are upset. I mean, imagine your 7-year-old son coming home and asking, "Mom, what are hooters?" It's not a conversation I'd want to have!

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Do you think parents have a right to be angry that the home of beer, bar food and well-endowed servers sponsored the camp, or should they lighten up a bit? Let us know in the comments below.

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