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Parents Furious 11-Year-Old Was Given Homework about Cocaine Trade

The Short of It

A Dallas middle schooler's parents are fuming after their sixth-grade son came home with an assignment about the cocaine trade.

The Lowdown

Scott Pick's 11-year-old son missed a few days of school after coming down with strep throat. When Pick was going over his son's make-up work for science class, he got a real shock: an offensive homework assignment titled, "The Cocaine Trade: From Field to Street."

"I walked by and noticed that in big bold letters across the front of his assignment it said 'COCAINE,'" Pick told CBS 11. "I was shocked by it. It startled me. It took me aback for a second.... I grabbed the paper immediately."

The assignment, according to Pick, listed the steps of the drug trade from Cartel to street dealer.

"I felt like they were giving my kids a diagram of how to become a drug dealer," he said. He refused to let his son turn in the assignment.

Keller Independent School District told CBS 11 in a statement that they take the issue of drug abuse seriously and they will review the study sheet in question before considering it for future use.

The Upshot

Schools are designed to be safe places where teens can focus on reading, writing and math. Yes, drug education programs are becoming more and more common. But this assigment did not fall under that umbrella.

What do you think? Were the parents overreacting or was the teacher out of line with the assignment?

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