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Parents Furious That Teacher Asked Students to Create ISIS Propaganda

The Short of It

Utah middle school parents are understandably livid after their kids were asked to create an ISIS propaganda poster for homework.

The Lowdown

More than 60 Salem Junior High ninth-graders were assigned homework that left more than one parent bewildered and upset.

The task: make a poster that recruits supporters for the ISIS movement. The teacher behind the highly questionable assignment explained the goal was to "understand how propaganda can be wrong and lead people incorrectly."

But parents say it was the actual assignment that was wrong. Many complained to the school. And one parent pointed out that looking up information on ISIS online could lead to their child being placed on the Federal terrorist watch list! The homework also included a worksheet about why young Muslims are convinced to join the extreme terrorist group.

The Upshot

Since receiving numerous complaints, the school has canceled the assignment. The teacher behind the baffling homework reportedly won't be disciplined, although she has apologized. And many students completed the distasteful poster before learning it was no longer required. Their parents rightly worry about what they were exposed to in the process of completing the assignment.

It's one thing to talk about troubling world events in class, in order to try to dissect the psychology behind ISIS, but I think asking kids to create an ISIS propaganda poster was a step too far.

What do you think?

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