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Parents Protest Gay and Straight Students Banding Together in Club

The Short of It

A group created at a Tennessee high school to promote acceptance is having the opposite effect among many parents.

The Lowdown

The Gay-Straight Alliance was launched at Franklin County High School with the aim of encouraging students of all sexual orientations to accept one another and to counteract bullying. But despite the seemingly noble intentions of the group, some parents aren't pleased. They say members are trying to impose their views on the attendees rather than promote acceptance.

One resident voiced the concerns of many at a school board meeting Monday by saying, "There's really no place for discussion of sexual orientation in a public high school."

Some people even went so far as to create a social media page calling for school board members to move the club off campus. Incredibly, WTVF TV 5 reports one parent compared the Gay-Straight Alliance to the terrorist group ISIS!

But Franklin County Schools Director Amie Lonas is the voice of reason, explaining to CBS News, "It's a safe environment for students to get together and just talk."

The Upshot

Since the club isn't mandatory and participation is completely voluntary, the idea that members are brainwashing other students simply doesn't make sense. It seems these shameful adults are the ones who need a lesson on acceptance; not the kids at the high school.

Meanwhile, this week's school board meeting did not result in a decision, but it's unlikely the school will ban the club due to federal funding. It's worth mentioning that many other public schools throughout the U.S. have clubs like the Gay-Straight Alliance.

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