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Parents Run Ad in Newspaper to Celebrate Gay Son Coming Out

The Short of It

Drake Wilson's parents took out an ad in the Houston Chronicle's Celebrations section this past Sunday to let the world know he is gay and that they're proud.

The Lowdown

"The parents of Drake are pleased to announce that their son has come out," the ad reads. "Drake is currently a senior in High School where he is captain of the tennis team, ASB Vice President and NHS member... And yes, he adores Barbra Streisand."

So awesome!

The Wilsons live in Washington state. But Drake's mom Joan said she placed the ad in the Chronicle in response to the defeat of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance, which would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and 13 other characteristics, but it was rejected by voters.

"I couldn't think of a better place than Houston, out of the entire country, where they needed to hear my message of pride," she told the Texas Observer. "We are blessed to live in a state which has passed anti-discrimination laws. As a mother, I have much trepidation in thinking my son might one day live in a state such as Texas."

The Wilsons, who are Christians, always made sure to express their support for gay rights and figured that, in time, if their son was gay, he would tell them. He did so at age 16, when he posted a cheerful coming out video on YouTube. "I would just like to say a big thank you to my whole family for being an example of how all families should be," he said.


The Upshot

Coming out isn't always easy. But Drake was lucky to have his parents' support. After her son came out, Joan Wilson founded the Society of Lucky Mothers, a group that celebrates LGBT children.

"God made him this way, and he's wonderful," she writes of Drake on the site. "I have great hope that knowing Drake will help my friends evolve."

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