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Parents Rush into Fire to Save Kids, Not Realizing They're Safe

The Short of It

Two Texas parents were badly burned trying to rescue their kids in a fire that broke out in their home. In an awful twist of fate, the kids were already safe outside.

The Lowdown

A parent would do anything for a child. Just consider the recent story of an Arkansas mom and dad who used their own bodies to shield their daughter from a tornado's destruction. They saved her life, but horribly, were killed in the process.

This week, another mom and dad potentially sacrificed their lives for their kids after flames engulfed their mobile home near Austin, Texas. The couple went back inside the home in an effort to save their children, who they believed were trapped. Unthinkably, the kids were already outside and safe.

Now the couple, who was airlifted via helicopter to a nearby burn unit, remain in critical condition. Fire Chief Clay Huckaby says 50 percent of the brave parents' bodies are covered in burns. The home is also destroyed as a result of the fire, the cause of which is still under investigation.

The Upshot

We'd all like to think we would have what it takes to risk our own lives if our kids were in danger. Still, it's unimaginable to have to run into a fire. These parents are true heroes. Here's wishing they recover from their injuries and can go on to enjoy many more years with their children.

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