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Parents Say Their Sex Lives Are Better After Having Kids

The Short of It

In a new survey, more than half of parents claim they're actually having better sex after kids!

The Lowdown

Who says kids kill libido? According to a new survey, most couples are enjoying intimacy more now that they're parents. Better yet, most men say they actually prefer their women's post-baby bodies instead of how they looked before!

The survey, which interviewed more than 1,000 couples via the British website Channel Mum, also found:

  • Couples wait a respectable average of 58 days after baby to jump back into bed.
  • 94 percent of parents are satisfied with their sex lives!
  • A third get intimate more frequently now than they did before becoming parents.
  • Four in five parents say welcoming a child has made them value the quality rather than the quantity of their romps between the sheets.
  • On average, fathers want to hook up with their partners twice a week, while women say once a week is good enough for them. But that's still not half bad.
  • Two thirds of parents enjoy regular date nights.

But the results of the survey weren't all positive. Forty-four percent of new moms worry their partners won't find them sexy anymore. Sadly, 35 percent of moms say they feel too fat for sex, and just 14 percent of women say they feel good about their bodies after having a child. New moms also confessed to feeling pressure to resume intimacy post-baby.

One funny statistic that emerged from the survey is that 20 percent of women admit they use getting busy as a way of shedding excess baby weight! Hey, why not? And parents also said they used quickies as a way to bargain with their partner to get chores done!

The Upshot

Siobhan Freegard, founder of the Channel Mum site, says about the survey, "While no one is pretending it's easy to get your love life back on track post-birth, perhaps new mums can enjoy their extra curves as much as their partner does." Amen to that!

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