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Parents Separated from Kids When Cruise Ship Leaves without Them

The Short of It

Parents are stranded as a cruise ship sails away with their kids on board. But don't worry; this story actually has a happy ending.

The Lowdown

A passenger aboard a Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship named Scott Thomas posted a heartbreaking video of a woman sobbing on a pier as the giant vessel left the Bahamian port—with her children on board!

As the distraught lady drops to her knees, we hear Thomas say, "That is someone that has missed the boat. Apparently, she has her kids on the boat, and she's not on there. There's a guy there, too. That right there is not cool."

"Oh my God!" exclaims another passenger. Then Thomas says the woman had been yelling, "My kids are on there!"

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The boat was leaving Nassau en route to New York City after a week cruising around the Bahamas and Bermuda, according to The New York Post. Just before the ship left, the woman's husband had disembarked the ship to look for her. That is when the couple's kids were separated from them as the 4,000-plus passenger cruiser pulled away.

Reportedly the ship's staff had encouraged the man to go find his wife when she didn't return for the 5:30 departure time on April 21, but they ended up leaving before the parents could return. Their children, ages 9 and 12, were left behind.

"The children seemed really upset that their parents had missed the boat," another passenger, Brady Forbes, told MailOnline Travel. Luckily, the kids' uncle and his family were also on board the ship so they were not left completely alone.

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Many passengers on board the ship expressed disbelief that the Norwegian Breakaway would separate a family, but as the company told Storyful, "Due to the circumstances, the ship went beyond normal protocol and waited alongside an additional half an hour for the guest. When she had still not returned and following consultation with the family, it was decided that the husband would disembark with their travel documents to wait for his wife while the children would stay with their uncle and his family on the ship for the remainder of the voyage."

Their statement added, "The company offered travel and lodging assistance to the couple and arrangements have been made for them to reunite with the ship at her next port."

The family was reunited in New York on April 24.

The Upshot

This is why I don't do cruises! I think I would have jumped in the water like an idiot to try to swim after the ship, I'd be so hysterical. I mean, I have major separation anxiety when I leave my kids with a babysitter to go out for dinner.

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It's worth noting that some commenters to the You Tube video were very critical of the parents involved in this maritime disaster, saying they never should have broken up their family. "It IS messed up. The parents were outrageously negligent," one person wrote.

I tend to agree, but I'm sure their nightmarish experience was punishment enough.

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