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Parents Sue Hospital for Failed Abortion, Costs to Raise Child

The Short of It

Husband and wife, Giuseppe and Aurora Bellandi, were told they had to end their pregnancy with their second child due to Aurora's medical issues in 2000. A month after the abortion, Aurora found out she was still pregnant and followed through with the high-risk pregnancy, which required a mandatory C-section delivery. Fourteen years later, the parents are now suing the hospital that performed the failed abortion to seek compensation for psychological trauma and living expenses for raising their daughter.

The Lowdown

Aurora accidentally became pregnant at age 43. Although the fetus survived a miscarriage, the couple went to their local hospital to have an abortion performed. They were told it was necessary to save Aurora's life when she began hemorrhaging from a huge ovarian fibroma.

When Aurora found out a month later the abortion wasn't successful, it was past the 21-week limitation to perform abortions in Italy, so the high-risk pregnancy continued. Today, the couple has a healthy 14-year-old daughter named Elisa, whom they adore.

However, they never intended to raise or care for a second child. And now that Guiseppe has lost his job and Aurora has advanced Parkinson's Disease, the family says they're barely scraping by day-to-day, living on handouts and what their adult son can provide for them. So, they decided to sue the hospital for 1 million Euros, or approximately $1,112,000 in U.S. dollars.

"The doctors brought her into the world. They should provide for her study and indispensable needs until she is 18. It's her right," Giuseppe told MailOnline. "We were told that we had to have an abortion. Other couples who get pregnant get to decide if they will keep it or not. We didn't get to decide anything. They told us first, 'You're pregnant and you must have an abortion.' Then, 'You can't have an abortion.' They decided everything. As they decided everything, they should bear the responsibility."

The Upshot

The Bellandis insist their daughter is supportive of the lawsuit and knows it's nothing personal against her.

Elisa said, "They make it sound terrible as if I didn't know I was going to be aborted. But I've always known. I've always felt loved by my family. We just can't afford everything."

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