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Parents Sued for Turning Girl's Crow-Feeding Hobby into Mass Operation

The Short of It

Gabi Mann loves birds. So, the 8-year-old started feeding the crows in the yard of her Portage Bay, Wash., home. Her love of crows has grown into a family affair with specialized feeders and scheduled feedings, which have caused quite a commotion in the neighborhood. Neighbors are now threatening to sue due to the messes the birds leave behind, including peanut shells and poop.

The Lowdown

Gabi made headlines not too long ago for her bird feeding because the avian friends were bringing her trinkets as a thank you for the steady supply of food. Now, the crow-loving little girl is back in the headlines for causing what some neighbors deem a nuisance.

Two neighbors have sued Gabi's parents, Lisa and Gary Mann, for $200,000 to cover damage to their properties caused by the birds and their waste.

"The case is against two adults. The scope and scale of the feeding is not the work of a minor child. The mother, Lisa Mann, is responsible for the vast majority of the bird feeding. Gary and Lisa Mann have also constructed extraordinarily large feeding stations and hired employees to help carry out the feedings. The feeding and related activities have run nearly every day, year-round, from the morning hours to as late as midnight," said Anna Johnsen, attorney for the two homeowners that filed the lawsuit.

The Upshot

It sounds like what started as a fun hobby for a little girl has become a major neighborhood issue. Some people in her area say rats are now attracted to their homes due to the food waste left behind from the birds. Others are upset at the excessive bird droppings. Hopefully, the neighborhood can come to a compromise.

Maybe Gabi could go back to feeding the birds by hand and less often, so the neighborhood wouldn't be overrun with so many birds—and their waste—and this little girl could still enjoy her hobby!

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