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Parents Turn Hate Crime into Celebration of Bisexual Daughters


The Short of It

The New Jersey home of two bisexual teens was vandalized with anti-gay graffiti. But rather than get angry, their parents bravely decided to turn the hate crime into a celebration of the LGBT community.

The Lowdown

The family of Miranda and Emily DeLong of Lower Township recently had their garage door vandalized with the words "I'm Gay" in spray paint. The teenagers' parents Erin and Joe decided to counteract this violation with a colorful display of their support for their kids.

"Someone decided to vandalize our house last week, in an attempt to shame/harass our two bisexual daughters. We decided that some announcements deserve more than gray spray paint," Erin wrote on her Facebook page along with a photo of their newly painted, very colorful rainbow "pride" garage door.

This awesome mom added, "[We would] proudly and loudly say we're an LGBT household, and we're OK with that."

The Upshot

The photo of the rainbow-colored garage door has gone viral, prompting support from friends and strangers alike. Sadly, some hateful individuals are still yelling anti-gay remarks upon passing the DeLong's house. Police are currently looking into who vandalized the home in the first place, but I'd say they already didn't get the response they were hoping for! I am inspired by how the DeLongs turned a negative into a positive; what a fabulous example for their children and for others.

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