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Photobombed: Kids Take Snapshot by Real, Live Bomb on Beach

Wales News Service

The Short of It

Talk about a photobomb. British kids posed for a picture with what they thought was a beach buoy, but it turned out to be an actual, live bomb!

The Lowdown

What was a normal trip to their local beach could have been devastating for the Gravell family of Wales.

"We saw a large object on the beach, so we thought we'd have a little look," mom Kelly Gravell said. "We get things washed up all the time, so we thought it was a buoy. We never thought for one second it was a bomb."

Her kids Erin, 6, and Ellis, 4, then posed for photos with the explosive device; in fact, the little boy was actually touching the barnacles on the bomb!

Days went by before the family realized just how dangerous their seemingly innocent photo shoot was. A friend, who saw the pictures of the children with the bomb on Facebook, told the Gravells that officials announced the buoy was actually a United States military mine bomb that may have dated back to World War II. The beach was evacuated immediately after officials identified it.

The bomb was detonated in a controlled explosion, shown here:


The Upshot

The parents say they were shocked to discover their kids had posed with a live bomb, and they feel very lucky nothing happened on that day. They attended the controlled detonation of the bomb.

Hopefully, their story will act as a warning for parents: Don't photograph your kids or allow them on or near anything unless you know for certain what it is!

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