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Photographer Captures Baby's Birth in Hospital Parking Lot

The Short of It

When a Florida mom hired a professional photographer to capture the birth of her third child, she had no idea they'd be catching the moment in a hospital parking lot!

Paulina Splechta

The Lowdown

Paula D'Amore didn't take a ton of pics when her first two kids were born, so she decided to hire a photographer the third time around.

"With my first son, I got no pictures whatsoever," she told ABC News. "And with my second son, I had hired a doula, and she just grabbed my camera and took pictures, but it was low lighting and low quality. ... That's why I knew I needed someone there documenting the whole thing, and I wanted it to be documented professionally."

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Paulina Splechta

D'Amore paid photographer Paulina Splechta $1,000 to take 100-150 shots, and the hefty price tag proved worth it when the expectant mama ended up giving birth in the hospital parking lot!

Here's how it all went down: Since this was D'Amore's third pregnancy, she didn't want to rush to the hospital and then wait around for hours for her baby to arrive. So instead, she took a bath to ease her contractions and waited until they were about three minutes apart before she headed to the hospital, with Splechta and her camera following behind.

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Paulina Splechta

Turns out, she waited too long.

"Two miles down the road, I was like, 'Guys I have the urge to push,'" she recalled. "It just takes over your body. It's not like you can control it."

D'Amore's midwife met them in the parking lot of the hospital, and as Splechta snapped away, Daniella D'Amore was born, weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces!

Paulina Splechta

The Upshot

What a dramatic way to enter the world!

"My incredible photographer captured my epic birth!" D'Amore wrote on Facebook.

And indeed, the resulting images—which Splechta revealed in a blog post entitled "Goddess Car Birth"—are pretty amazing.

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"It's almost like an out of body experience because I'm going through all of this, and now I'm able to look back at the photos [and say], 'Wow this just happened,'" D'Amore said. "It's incredible how everything went down, even down to the second. I couldn't have picked a better team. I always said to them, 'You're my dream team.'"

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