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Photographer Captures Images of Breastfeeding Moms in Uniform

The Short of It

An El Paso, Texas, photographer has captured another image of a mom breastfeeding in uniform that has gone viral.


Another photo for what I might have to start calling the Uniformed Breastfeeding Portrait collection. I have dreamed of...

Posted by Tara Ruby Photography on Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Lowdown

You may remember the viral image of military moms in full uniform breastfeeding their babies. Mom and photographer Tara Ruby was behind that shot, and now she has captured a new image of a mom in uniform nursing her child. This time the uniform is worn by a firefighter's wife.

Ruby posted the photograph on her Facebook page along with a caption, which reads in part, "I have dreamed of this photo for a long time and I am so glad that I can finally say that we have completed this portrait!"

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She told the Huffington Post the response has been "extremely positive." And indeed, the comments on Facebook are very complimentary. One mom wrote, "I showed this to my 5 year old daughter. To show her that she can be a mommy AND a fire fighter.[sic]" Another commenter said, "Hero. A first responder who also responds to her baby's needs!"

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Ruby also put a call out to the public, asking for more ideas for women in uniform she can photograph breastfeeding. From housekeepers to EMTs to nurses, the responses are pouring in. In February, Ruby posted a photo of a doctor breastfeeding, shown in the post below, and the series will reportedly next capture a police officer.


The Upshot

Some have criticized the photo, pointing out that this woman is not a firefighter, but only married to one. In response, Ruby wrote on Facebook that "this portrait was taken to represent all of the women th[at] are mommies and are firefighters that still nurse their babies."

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Thank you, Tara Ruby, for celebrating that fact modern moms can do just about anything in their careers and still nurture their babies.

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