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Police Called to Kindergarten Play for Parents Brawling over Best Seats

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The Short of It

Police are called to a kindergarten play because of fighting—not among the kids, but the parents!

The Lowdown

It happened at Ridgemoor Elementary School in Manifee, Calif., on Wednesday. Even Michael Vasquez, the sheriff's deputy, says it was a shocking turn of events at what should have been an innocent kindergarten production.

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The fight started when a parent walked to the front of the auditorium and tried to film the play, which angered other audience members. According to The Washington Post, words were exchanged, and then, punches were thrown because some felt others were getting "seating privileges." Yes, seriously.

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When police arrived, the adults were acting like children, pushing and shoving one another, doing the exact thing we tell our children not to do. No one was arrested, but a citation was issued. No parents were ordered to repeat kindergarten to learn how to play nice with others either (but maybe they should have).

The Upshot

I'm sad to report I'm not surprised by these parents' behavior. I've seen moms and dads get downright aggressive about taking photos and videos of their kids during Pre-K concerts. They yell at other audience members to sit down or get out of the way. I've also witnessed families arriving hours before a show to reserve seats.

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It's too bad the adults are seemingly forgetting the point of attending their kid's show, which is to support them. And I can only imagine how frightened the Ridgemoor children were when they saw how badly their parents were behaving. I'm also pretty darn sure it'll be hard to effectively discipline these little eye witnesses the next time they push and shove.

Have you seen adults behaving badly at school functions?

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