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Police Officer Does Good Deed for Girl with Lemonade Stand

Lake County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The Short of It

Knowing the girl's family was going through a tough time financially, a police officer bought her the tablet she was hoping to buy with her lemonade stand profits.

The Lowdown

When Lake County, Ohio, sheriff's deputy Zak Ropos stopped by fourth-grader Gabrielle Garcar's lemonade stand Monday, he asked the girl what she planned to do with the money. She said she wanted to buy a tablet for playing video games and doing schoolwork.

Knowing the girl's family was having a very difficult time financially and that Gabrielle likely wouldn't earn enough money from the lemonade stand to purchase a tablet, Ropos said he had an old iPad at home he could give her. After he realized it didn't work anymore, he decided to buy the girl a new one and delivered it to her the next day.

"She's 9 years old, and she's willing to work for what she wants, and I found that very admirable of her," Ropos told Today. "I knew her lemonade stand wasn't probably going to bring in enough money for a tablet, but seeing that she was willing to work for what she wanted, I was willing to help her. People have helped me out in my life, so it was kind of like a pay-it-forward type thing."

The deed was even more beneficial to the family when Gabrielle paid it forward to her mother, giving her the lemonade stand earnings to help her pay for gas for the car.

"When I said, 'How did your lemonade sale go?' She goes, 'Well, I made a few dollars, but Mommy's gas tank was empty so I gave the money to her,' and that just made me melt," said Ropos.

The Upshot

This certainly is a far cry from the time police in Texas shut down two girls' lemonade stand for lack of permits! I wish all news was this good.

Ropos says the act was no big deal and pointed out other generous things his fellow officers have done, such as give money to a needy family and donate a bike to a boy who needed a way to get to soccer practice. We've heard several similar stories of acts of kindness recently too—including the grieving parents who had their meal paid for by their server and the little girl who inspired a whole movement of good deeds.

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