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Pregnant Mom Refuses Chemo to Protect Baby

The Short of It

What would you do to insure your baby's health and safety? Would you risk your own life? A Wildomar, Calif., mom, Ashley Caughey, chose to refuse chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer during her pregnancy with her daughter, Paisley.

The Lowdown

Ashley and her newlywed husband, Jonathan Caughey, both 25, decided that Ashley would forgo chemotherapy while she was pregnant with their daughter. It wasn't forever; it was just until their daughter was born.

The couple moved their wedding up, and Ashley's 6-year-old son Braiden walked her down the aisle. The family is living and loving every single day.

Unfortunately, by the time the baby was born, the bone cancer had spread from her leg throughout her entire body. The doctors have only given Ashley months to live.

The Upshot

Ashley refuses to give up, and she says that every time she looks at healthy baby Paisley, she knows that she did the right thing.

"I love that my kids are actually going to see me fighting instead of it being like, you know, 'Your mom was this. Your mom was that. Your mom fought as hard as she could.' They're actually going to see my love for them. Paisley is going to know how much I love her," Ashley told ABC7 in Los Angeles.

A website has been set up to help the Caughey family.

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