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Pregnant Mom Tries to Induce Labor by Dancing to 'Thriller'

The Short of It

At 40 weeks pregnant, there's not much moms-to-be won't do to meet their beautiful bundles of joy a little sooner. One Florida mom, Bonnie Northsea, desperate to give birth, decided to try to induce labor by dancing like so many moms before her. She hoped baby boy Northsea might come out when he realized mama was throwing him a welcome to the world, Michael Jackson-type "Thriller" party, but no such luck.

The Lowdown

Northsea's due date was Feb. 11, and she just wanted to give the little guy a little incentive to come out. She posted in a Facebook status update that, "Someone told me that 'Thriller' would induce labor!" So, she gave it a try and recorded the whole thing.

She lightheartedly posted the cute video on Facebook to give her friends a good laugh because let's face it; a 40-week pregnant mom-to-be dancing to "Thriller," or anything for that matter, is something worth chuckling about.

In just a few days, the video went viral and has been viewed more than 1 million times, and that's not even including the more than 324,000 times it's been viewed on YouTube.

The Upshot

As of Sunday, baby Northsea is still on the inside, but mom says the video has helped her tremendously. Recently, her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and watching the video has given her something to laugh about, something she's not done in a while.

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