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Premature Baby Born to UK Couple Visiting NYC Can Finally Go Home

The Short of It

In January, we told you about a mom from the United Kingdom who unexpectedly gave birth almost three months early while visiting New York City. Now, her premature baby is well enough to go back to Britain with her and her partner.

The Lowdown

Katie Amos of the UK went into labor while walking through Central Park 11 weeks before her due date. Little Dax was born on Dec. 28, weighing only 3 pounds.

Amos and her partner, Lee Johnston, found themselves stranded in New York because Dax was not well enough to make the trip home. A main artery of his heart has not closed as a result of being born prematurely. The couple was also overwhelmed by medical bills, totaling nearly $200,000.

They were told it could be March before Dax was given the go-ahead to travel. But Thursday, Amos and Johnston transported their son via private jet back to the UK. Their journey was made possible by the kindness of private donations to cover their expenses through, and their insurance paid off the balance.

"When we were finally given the all-clear to come home, I broke down in tears; we were so happy; no words could describe it," Amos told The Telegraph.

But traveling with a premature baby born in the wrong country is no simple undertaking. First Dax had to get his passport photo taken, which required his breathing and feeding tubes to be removed temporarily. Then the family ushered him on the plane in an incubator. The plane had to make several refueling stops. His mom likened the trip to a military operation.

The Upshot

Dax will travel to a waiting hospital bed in his home country. His parents hope he will soon be strong enough to actually go home.

"The next step of our new life with Dax can finally begin, we couldn't be more happy," Amos said.

Good luck to these brave parents and their tiny world traveler!

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