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Prom Dates' Inspiring Message About Friendship Goes Viral

The Short of It

A prom photo of two Wisconsin teens holding a sign that says, "real friends don't count extra chromosomes," has gotten quite a bit of attention.

The Lowdown

Mikensy Snell and Matt Pliska, who are students at Waupaca High School, have been best friends since fifth grade, when they were paired up as partners on a field trip. Matt has Down syndrome and has battled leukemia, but his health doesn't seem to affect the duo's friendship. The two enjoy going to the movies and sporting events together, and they speak very highly of each other.

"He's such a positive person," Mikensy told WBAY TV. "He always has a smile on his face."

When asked to describe Mikensy, Matt simply said, "Honestly, I love."

The day of last year's prom, which Mikensy attended, Matt asked her if she'd go with him this year, and she accepted. "So we had it planned for a full year," she says.

And taking a few turns on the dance floor wasn't all the twosome did. They also had their picture taken with the sign. After the photo was posted on the internet, it went viral.

The Upshot

People are touched at the friends' simple and touching message. While the fact that these two are friends shouldn't be a big deal, kids with disabilities can struggle to fit in and to make friends. Here's hoping they inspire other kids to make friends they might have otherwise have kept at arm's length.

"I think it'll be a forever friendship," Mikensy said. And it may have even influenced her future career. She hopes to work with people with disabilities one day.

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