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Qdoba Tells Breastfeeding Mom to Cover Up or Get Out

The Short of it

A Gastonia, N.C., mom, Karissa Riddle was running errands with her 6-month-old son, Clark, at a mall when she stopped at Qdoba to eat. While she was eating her dinner, her baby boy was hungry, so she began breastfeeding him. Riddle claims that a Qdoba employee, identified as the manager, then approached her table to make sure she was properly covered up.

The Lowdown

Karissa Riddle is understandably, sad, mad and confused after being shamed for breastfeeding her son in the popular restaurant.

The employee allegedly told the mom that other customers had complained about her breastfeeding. Riddle replied that she is legally permitted to breastfeed uncovered anywhere in the state of North Carolina, which she is.

The employee argued with Riddle that Qdoba company policy allowed her to ask the breastfeeding mom to cover up. Taking it even a step further, the employee threatened to ask Riddle to leave if she refused and if she refused to leave, she would call the police. At which point, Riddle requested the numbers and names of Qdoba general and district managers, which she was denied. Riddle left the restaurant crying and humiliated.

The Upshot

After the story made the news, Riddle was contacted by a Qdoba company representative and told to expect a phone call and email to discuss the situation further. A follow-up or apology has not yet been given.

As a breastfeeding mom, have you been shamed when you've tried to feed your baby in public? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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