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Quarterback Keeps Childhood Promise to Take Friend to Prom

The Short of It

Pennsylvania high school quarterback Ben Moser fulfilled his fourth-grade promise to his friend Mary Lapkowicz, who has Down syndrome, and took her to her prom.

The Lowdown

Ben and Mary have known each other since elementary school, where Ben always watched out for Mary and made an effort to include her in the class's games and activities. Each thought the other was sweet and nice, and Ben told his mom that when he was old enough, he would ask Mary to go to prom with him. In sixth grade, however, Mary moved to a different school district.

Fast forward to last year; the two high school sophomores crossed paths at a football game—as rivals. Ben plays quarterback for Susquehanna, and Mary helps her father as equipment manager for the Central Dauphin team. Both were happy to reconnect with their old friend.

Although Mary's dad had taken her to homecoming and other school dances, Mary had her sights set on prom. She planned to go with friends. Instead, Ben surprised her with a bunch of balloons with "prom" written on them and asked her to be his date.

Last Friday night, Ben took Mary to the Central Dauphin prom at the Radisson in Camp Hill, Penn. Mary beamed in a lavender gown, and Ben wore a matching lavender vest and tie with his tux.

The Upshot

Despite a lot of the news focusing on problems with today's youth, this shows some great kids are still out there. Not only did Ben make good on a promise he made seven years ago when he was just a little kid, but it sounds like he has maintained his caring and considerate character, when other boys might be too worried about what other kids would think. Plus, he and Mary both put high school football rivalries aside, which, as anyone who has ever watched "Friday Night Lights" knows, is serious business. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

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