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Quick-Thinking Flight Attendant Saves Choking Baby

The Short of It

An infant began choking Tuesday afternoon on a JetBlue flight from New York City to Orlando, but luckily, a quick-thinking flight attendant sprang into action and revived the limp and unresponsive baby.

The Lowdown

Crew members found out about the child in distress as soon as the Orlando-bound plane's doors closed. Within moments, a nearby flight attendant swooped in, took the baby from the panicked parents, and patted the infant's back until the baby came to. The stunned passengers greeted the kiddo's cry with cheers. "You never expect anything like that to happen, and when it has such a good outcome and it happens so quickly, you're watching it and you're thinking, 'Oh, this is really happening,'" one passenger told Orlando's WKMG-TV.

To be fair, they didn't have long to take it all in. Start to finish, the event reportedly lasted for about 10 seconds, though my guess is that it felt like an eternity to the parents.

Despite the roar of applause, the humble flight attendant was quick to credit the training she received, saying it "kicked in and it just took over," according to one passenger.

A doctor on board who later examined the baby believed teething medication may have caused the baby to choke on his or her tongue. A medical team met the family at the gate, JetBlue said later in a statement.

The Upshot

It's been a good month for parents to fly the friendly skies. This superhero save comes less than two weeks after a China Airlines flight crew helped deliver a baby at 30,000 feet. Though traveling with an infant is no one's idea of a good time, thankfully resourceful flight attendants like these are helping to make the journey a little easier (and safer!) for all of us moms and dads.

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