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Is This REALLY How Moms Spend Time With Their Kids?

The Short of It

A new survey conducted by Woman's Day and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a national non-profit founded by the American Heart Association and Clinton Foundation that aims to end childhood obesity, has found that when moms and kids spend time together, they're most often either eating or watching TV.

The Lowdown

Not good: When it comes to spending "quality time" together, it seems that moms and their kiddos are either chowing down or watching TV. In fact, the survey found the top three activities mothers and children do together are eating a meal (90 percent), watching television (79 percent), and doing homework (65 percent).

And in not so encouraging news, out of the 1,154 moms who participated in the survey, only half admitted to doing physical activities with their kids ages 5 to 18 in the last week. "The survey results underline the increasingly sedentary lifestyle many of our kids are leading," says Dr. Howell Wechsler, CEO of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, in a press release. Just 26 percent of the mothers surveyed played a sport, ran around, or danced together.

While some moms do exercise with their children, of course, the numbers are low. "The good news is, there is opportunity to change this trend—and families can make small changes that make a big difference," Dr. Wechsler said. To that end, the Alliance launched a website and social media campaign called #Commit2Ten, challenging all of us to add 10 minutes of physical activity to our daily schedules.

The Upshot

I checked out #Commit2Ten and it's super cool. You can customize a 30 day plan—I did—by entering your age, state and email. Next thing you know, a calendar generates and says things like: Light Cardio 10 mins," "Beginner Upper Body, 10 mins," and "Pilates 10 mins" ... it offers 30 ideas. It seems so easy. I'm going to let my son customize a plan, too. Try it!

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