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Restaurant Staff Helps Parents Deliver Baby before the Main Course

The Short of It

A Utah couple went to dinner as a party-of-two and left as a party-of-three.

The Lowdown

When Eric and Heather Bailey sat down to celebrate an early Valentine's Day dinner at Salt Lake City restaurant Tuscany on Saturday, they never expected they'd be asking the wait staff to help deliver their baby! But the mom, who was due on Feb. 14, started experiencing contractions as soon as the bread basket came out. Heather soon excused herself to go to the lady's room.

"She was gone for several minutes, and so I started to get concerned, and so I flagged our server Sydney down," Eric told local news station Fox 13.

Sydney Malmrose recalls, "So I was, like, jokingly: 'Hey, you want me to go check on your wife and make sure she's not going into labor in the bathroom?'"

But it wasn't a joke. Malmrose, who, believe it or not, helped to deliver her baby sister when she was 15 years old, remained calm and alerted Eric and the hostess. Eric says he got to the bathroom just in time to catch his baby son!

"By the time I'd run downstairs to grab a bag of washcloths, we came back, and the baby was crying, it all happened so fast," says hostess Jacie Slaymaker.

The Upshot

My favorite part of this restaurant birth story is that the Baileys stayed after delivering their son to take photos with the staff, which included part-owner Mark Eaton, who used to play for the Utah Jazz. The new parents also got some food to go! But baby Christopher is actually the third child for the family, so I guess at that point, they were just feeling laid back and thankful he had arrived safely.

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