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Retailer Sets the Record Straight on #TheDress Colors—Or Does It?

The Short of It

If you decided to casually peruse the internet last night after you put the kiddos to bed, your relaxing activity may have turned into a heated debate in your household thanks to #TheDress. If you thought the dress looked blue and black and your partner thought it looked white and gold, you probably started duking it out, like many families and social media followers did.

The Lowdown

The controversy that took the Internet by storm Thursday night and Friday morning started on a Tumblr page where a user asked others to help her decide the true color of the dress. When Buzzfeed got hold of it, it racked up more than 27 million views and became the No. 1 trend on Twitter. Followers attacked each other for their differing opinions, and it caused stand-offs among families. Celebrities joined in, too: Taylor Swift claimed team black and blue, while Anna Kendrick stuck with white and gold.

It turns out, everyone is right—and everyone is wrong. Explanations on why two people can see completely different colors range from the settings on your monitor, to the lighting in the room, to the inner workings of the human eye and brain.

Dr. Reena Garg, assistant opthamology professor at Mount Sinai Health System, told CBS This Morning: "If you're seeing the dress as black and blue, you're probably seeing the photo as overexposed, meaning that there's too much light. If you see the dress as white and gold, you're probably seeing the photo as underexposed, meaning that there's too little light."

The Upshot

Sorry, #TeamWhiteAndGold, Romans Originals, the women's fashion retailer in the United Kingdom that sells the dress, tweeted early this morning that the dress is, in fact, blue and black. But that still hasn't silenced the arguments. Followers started debating with each other on Romans Originals' Twitter feed whether the photo was actually the same dress.

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