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Ryan Reynolds Criticized for Baby Carrier Position

Blake Lively/Instagram

The Short of It

On Father's Day, actress Blake Lively posted a sweet Instagram of her hot hubby Ryan Reynolds on the beach wearing their daughter James in a baby carrier. Ooohs and awwws soon turned to uh-ohs, however, when commenters began noticing how the baby was not placed in the carrier correctly.

The Lowdown

Reynolds is wearing baby James in a Lille Baby Complete All Seasons Carrier with the 6-month-old's head totally hidden and her feet dangling straight out the bottom. Experts and parents-in-the-know noticed right away that this is not the right way to use this carrier.

The proper way to use this Lille carrier is for the baby's feet to be in a frog-like, squat position. Pushing a baby's legs straight and together, like the way Reynolds was wearing it, can lead to hip dysplasia.

James's head should also be higher up on Reynolds' body, close enough that he can kiss her head. This lets the parent sense if the baby is distressed and also allows the baby to breathe easily.

The Upshot

Baby carriers can be tricky to figure out, and lots of parents—us "normal people" and celebs alike—have trouble using them correctly. Babywearing is great for babies and parents to bond, but make sure to read all the instructions and even watch tutorial videos to make sure you're using your carrier or sling correctly.

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