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School Demands Parents Stop Smoking Pot When Dropping off Kids

The Short of It

A primary school in England has told parents to stop smoking pot at the school gates while dropping off and picking up their children.

The Lowdown

According to deputy teacher Deborah Binns of St John's Primary in Greater Manchester, the smell of pot has been noticed by parents and some of the older children.

"We have had concerning reports that parents have been using cannabis around the premises as they drop off and collect their children," she wrote in a letter. "This is a serious safeguarding concern and if further complains are brought to our attention, we will notify the relevant authorities. We have informed the community police service and they are likely to be keeping a close eye on this situation. Please respect our school as a place of learning and make sure you set an appropriate example within the community."

Oh, snap!

Head teacher Jason Harvey told the Daily Mirror that while the school isn't sure how many parents were seen using cannabis, officials felt the need to send a letter to remind people that the school is a place of learning and everyone needs to try to set a good example for the children.

"We are trying to make sure that the school has a good reputation," he said. "There are lots of really, really great parents and we want everyone to remember that this is a school. I can't legislate for people's actions outside but this is a place of learning. There are things that are appropriate and things that aren't."

The Upshot

Parents reacted to the news by posting on the Spotted Radcliffe Facebook page.

"Disgusting!!!" wrote one. "If u want to smoke weed do it away from your children!!! What is wrong with these parents honestly its like turning up to school to collect your children drunk with a can of special brew in ur hand!!!"

Added another: "Surely people who smoke it can wait til they get home or at least away from the school to smoke it."


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