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School Receives Bomb Threats Due to Kindergarten Art Project

The Short of It

A school in New York City is now the target of threatening phone calls, emails, and social media posts after students created a project that some people perceive as left-wing propaganda.

The Lowdown

An article on Fox News host Sean Hannity's website first brought attention to a kindergarten project following a parent's complaint. The offending creation depicts an American flag with smaller international flags covering the stripes. Underneath is the caption: "We Pledge Allegiance To An International Flag." In the post, a Hannity staff member explains the flag was initially meant to be auctioned off, with proceeds going to the P.S. 75 PTA.

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Here is how the flag was described on the auction site:

"The students made a beautifully painted stretched canvas American Flag and then applied flags from all the Spanish speaking countries onto the stripes of the American flag. All the children chose a flag to color using colored pencils and they were glued onto the larger American flag. The stars are cut canvas which are painted and decorated with REAL Swarovski Crystals (gold and crystal colored)!

The fun quote on the bottom is about unity and creating an environment in which everyone is welcome! 'We pledge allegiance to an International Flag!' Our dual language classroom strives to be a place that everyone feels welcome!"

But after receiving complaints, the school decided not to include the flag in the auction, and the item was removed from the site, along with its description.

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Still, according to Yahoo News, the school, which teaches kids in both English and Spanish, has been at the receiving end of serious threats on social media, saying the institution should be bombed and that teachers are guilty of treason! Other critics are calling for the principal to be fired. One post goes so far as to suggest that whoever had the idea to make this project should be executed. Teachers have also been called communists, fascists, and in one puzzling claim, pedophiliacs.

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The Upshot

The threats are so vile, according to Patricia Frisbie, donation chair and vice president of fundraising for the PTA executive board, the school is holding emergency meetings and even seeking additional police security.

It's quite disturbing that people would make threats of such a serious nature against a school where children as young as 5 years old are in attendance. If my child went there, I'd be very upset. That being said, I see why the flag might offend some; but why can't they voice their opinions in a civil manner? Really, they're no better than the "left-wing nuts" they perceive to have "indoctrinated" the kids.

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