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See Why This Teacher Made Ellen DeGeneres Cry

The Short of It

In honor of World Teachers' Day, here's a story about a selfless educator that will warm your heart, and make you cry (just like Ellen)!

The Lowdown

There aren't many people like New Mexico kindergarten teacher Sonya Romero, who was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As she explained to the funnywoman host, Romero starts each day by asking the kids if they have eaten, do they need anything to wear, have they brushed their teeth?

"I feel like as educators we're sort of the first responders," Romero told DeGeneres.

Meanwhile, this young teacher has a son and also took in two of her former students as foster kids when she found out they were in crisis. It all started when Child Protective Services came to school and asked if she would take them for 48 hours.

"We got toothbrushes and jammies and underwear, and brushes, and they've been with us ever since," Romero said.

No surprise, DeGeneres had something up her sleeve to honor this incredibly selfless woman: a video from her students, who wanted her to know how much they love her.

"I want to be like her when I grow up," said one former pupil, now a fourth-grader.

"Thank you for being awesome!" another child proclaimed.

The principal and her fellow teachers also explained why Romero is such a special person.

The entire time the clip is playing, we see Romero in the picture-in-picture view crying. Romero's kids' and colleagues' sentiments also draw tears from Ellen herself. We're betting you'll cry too watching the clip!

The Upshot

Happily, DeGeneres announced Target donated $10,000 to Romero, who often spends her own money to help her students. But since this educator is so compassionate, and would likely give the money to the school—she once gave $100 someone donated to her, to a woman she saw crying on a bench—Target also donated $10,000 to Lew Wallace Elementary.

What an incredible teacher! Thank you to Sonya Romero for everything you've done. Here's hoping many present and future teachers are inspired by your actions—and the actions of all the other amazing teachers out there!

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