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Sexist Barbie Book Pulled in Wake of Backlash

Short & Sweet

A blatantly sexist book about Barbie has been pulled from following an angry backlash.

The Lowdown

A new book entitled, "I Can Be A Computer Engineer," makes it clear that Barbie can do nothing of the sort, according to TechCrunch.

Instead, the story follows the doll as she flubs her way through her computer programming job and has to rely on her male co-workers to fix her mess-ups. The offensive story is short on support for what girls are capable of, but full of sexist stereotypes, like that females are better at drawing puppies and pillow fighting than operating a hard drive.

Not surprisingly, the book didn't sit well with women bloggers, who worked to take down the tome before it could infect their daughters with the virus of sexism. After launching a successful online campaign, "I Can Be A Computer Engineer" is no longer available for sale.

Mattel issued this statement about its decision to pull the book: "The portrayal of Barbie in this specific story doesn't reflect the Brand's vision for what Barbie stands for. We believe girls should be empowered to understand that anything is possible and believe they live in a world without limits. We apologize that this book didn't reflect that belief. All Barbie titles moving forward will be written to inspire girls' imaginations and portray an empowered Barbie character."

The Upshot

This isn't the first time consumers have petitioned Mattel to use Barbie for good and not evil. The doll has long been perceived as a bad role model for young girls, given that she has body measurements few real women could ever achieve without starving themselves or getting surgery.

In fact recently, toymaker Nickolay Lamm created the Lammily doll, a Barbie-esque girl who has "real" body measurements. According to Time, she even comes with cellulite, stretch marks and acne stickers!

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