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Sign Bans Young Boys from Women's Public Restroom, Angers Parents

The Short of It

A sign at an Oklahoma mall banning boys older than 6 years old from using the women's bathroom has stirred up a national controversy.

The Lowdown

This weekend, the Oklahoma City Moms Blog shared a photo of a sign posted outside the women's bathroom at a local mall that read: "Please boys over 6 years of age use Men's restroom. Thank you."

According to the Huffington Post, parents across the country are questioning this policy. Some bloggers point out many kids still need help in the bathroom at this age. More parents are calling for more family-friendly restroom accommodations in public places.

I'd be worried about creeps in the bathroom scaring or harming my child. I believe a first-grader needs adult supervision at all times in public.

The Upshot

Like many other moms I'm sure, I wouldn't abide by a rule I felt uncomfortable with, sign or no sign. It's my child, and I will do what I feel is safest when she needs to use the bathroom. I'd also like to mention that as a mom of three girls, seeing a boy in the women's restroom doesn't bother me. What we need privacy for is what we do behind the locked stall door. Big whoop if a young man sees us washing our hands!

Of course, at some point it's unnecessary, and potentially inappropriate, for a boy to use the women's room, but that's closer to the teenage years in my view.

What's your take?

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