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Sister's Selfless Gift for Her Brother Will Warm Your Heart

The Short of It

A sister surprises her brother with a hamster, and the result is going to make you cry, no matter how hard you fight it.


So ever since Abby got her hamster Daniel had been busting his butt doing extra chores and going above and beyond to...

Posted by Rachel Stout on Monday, February 15, 2016

The Lowdown

Abby's brother, Daniel, saw her playing with her pet hamster and decided he'd do anything to get his own squirmy little rodent. That included doing extra chores to save up money for his dream pet. Inspired by Daniel's hard work, Abby decided to use her own birthday money to buy a hamster for him.

Their mom Rachel Stout posted a video of this selfless sister surprising Daniel with the pet to Facebook, along with a caption that read in part:

"We added up Abigail's birthday money and gift cards and she had $55 total. I asked her what she wanted to do with her money and she says, 'I want to surprise Daniel and buy him his hamster. He has been working soooo hard.' I asked her numerous times of she was sure that's what she wanted to do with her money and she never faltered. Daniel went over to a friend's house to have a sleepover and we took Abby to pet smart where she asked for the exact hamster Daniel said he wanted, held it to make sure it was nice and excitedly told the woman all about how she was surprising her brother. We got it home, set it up and she she couldn't wait for him to get home from his sleep over so he could be surprised and meet and name his hamster. This is the video of him meeting 'Cubby.'[sic]"

The clip has been viewed nearly 2.7 million times, and it's easy to see why. Once Abby excitedly proclaims, "I got you a hamster! I paid for it!" Daniel pulls her to the floor in a giant hug. "Are you crying?" Abby asks, adding, "'Cuz I am." Daniel hasn't even really looked at his new furry friend because he is so overcome with happiness.

The Upshot

This is so beautiful, now I'm crying; mostly because I understand the bond between siblings, because I witness it every day. My daughters may fight, but they love each other so much that they literally hurt when the other is hurting. They hate being away from one another, as if something just doesn't feel right if one sister isn't there. It's a privilege to watch their connection grow as they do.

Still, I plan to show them this video in the hopes it will inspire them to think about one another's feelings even more. Um, because although they love their sisters so, so much, I'm pretty sure their birthday money would be spent on themselves. That's why this little girl's selfless act is so touching. She must have very good parents!

What is your reaction to this sweet video?

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