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Six Siblings Lose Both of Their Parents Just 1 Day Apart

The Short of It

Two parents die within 24 hours of each other and leave their six kids behind.

The Lowdown

Jennifer Norsworthy was just 40 years old when she unexpectedly lost her life to a blood clot, leaving behind six children and her grief-stricken husband Toby.

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"Toby loved Jennifer," said Ricky Self, an associate pastor at the Norsworthys' church, told WHNT 19 News. "She was his world and so he was, of course, heartbroken when she passed away." Just 24 hours later, Toby, 38, lost his own life to a heart attack.

According to The Washington Post, family members think the stress of his wife's death was simply too much for Toby to bear. The couple met 13 years ago in Alaska, married three years later, and then moved to Alabama for Toby's job as a computer programmer while Jennifer devoted herself to raising the kids.

Now with both parents suddenly gone, family members from Maine, California and Alaska have traveled to Alabama to make sure the couple's children are taken care of. Toby and Jennifer had three children together: Mickey, 11; Aurora, 9; and Lainie, 6. Jennifer also had three children from a previous relationship: Quinten, 20; Riley, 17; and Bradley, 13.

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The Upshot

A GoFundMe page has been set up by a family friend, and all donations are going to the children's guardians to help the kids in any way possible. The site had already raised more than $48,000 in just one week, and the Nortsworthys' church is also accepting donations on behalf of the family.

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"They were such a big part of our life and part of our family and so we feel like it's our job to help in any way we possibly can financially, spiritually, whatever that may be," Self said. "Right now, it's painful, and it hurts, but one day we will be able to see them again and that's what we're hanging our hats on."

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