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Skateboarding Mom's Cool Tricks Spark Heated Controversy

The Short of It

Controversy breaks out after a young mom uploads a video to Instagram that shows her skateboarding while pushing her baby's stroller.

The Lowdown

Maria Oberloher was dubbed the "raddest mom ever" after sharing an impressive video on Instagram that showed her doing a kickflip on her skateboard while pushing her 8-month-old baby boy in his stroller.

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The video quickly went viral, with thousands of commenters dropping in to give the new mom mad props.

"You are amazing!' wrote one commenter.

"I wish you were my mom," said another.


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Others, of course, couldn't help but judge the skateboarding mama for placing her baby in harm's way.

"She could accidentally miss her step and turn the carriage over," wrote one commenter over on Facebook. "She should get a ticket."

"Put yourself at risk, not other people," said another.

The Upshot

Relax, everybody. In light of all the controversy, Oberloher spoke to Inside Edition to let everyone know that her little guy was never in any danger.

"I would never risk my baby," she said. "It was only a slow kickflip. And Daddy was next to us!"

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To be honest, I don't even know what a kickflip is. But I'd be lying if I said my maternal instinct didn't kick in when I first viewed the video, with my internal monologue going something like, "Is this chick CRAZY?!"

But Oberloher is clearly a skilled enough skater to pull off this trick. So, I say, go for it, girl! As one commenter put it: "A happy fit mom = a happy baby."

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