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Sorry Mom, Majority of Parents Turning to Social Media for Advice

The Short of It

Mommy's little helper now comes in the form of a social media feed. Parents with children younger than 18 are more likely to comment on good news posts, give advice and be supportive of others online. Facebook and Pinterest are the two most popular networks among mothers, according to a Pew Research Center study.

The Lowdown

The study looked at a variety of statistics surrounding how moms and dads use social media to help raise their kids. The research found that 75 percent of parents admit to using social media as a way to gather parenting-related information and find social support from their friends on Facebook. And, moms are logging on more often than dads.

Here's a look at the numbers and how social media is changing the way we seek advice and support:

  • 79 percent of parents find overall useful information in their social media feeds
  • 74 percent of parents say they get support from their friends online
  • 71 percent of parents will try to answers questions or help their online friends
  • 59 percent of the respondents said they come across helpful information related directly to parenting issues on social media feeds
  • 42 percent have received emotional or social support related to a parenting issue in the last 30 days
  • 31 percent are using their social media feeds to post parenting questions directly to their friends with hopes of finding some helpful answers

The Upshot

Moms and dads aren't just browsing Facebook for support and answers, although it's the top network used by the study's participants. Seventy-four percent of moms and dads online look to Facebook, and 28 percent gravitate toward Pinterest. Coming in third is LinkedIn with 27 percent. Instagram and Twitter round out the study with 25 percent and 23 percent of parents using those networks.

"Parents on Facebook are especially avid users: 75 percent log on daily, including 51 percent who do so several times a day. This is a statistically significant difference when compared with non-parents, of whom 67 percent log on to Facebook daily, including 42 percent who do so several times a day," according to the study.

Do you turn to your social media friends for parental advice and support?

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