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Stay-at-Home Mom Uses Facebook to Create $10 Million Clothing Empire

The Short of It

Brandi Temple went from stay-at-home mom to owner of a $10 million clothing empire by using some savvy social media skills.

The Lowdown

Brandi started sewing dresses for her daughters in 2008 after the girls—who are five years apart—asked for matching clothing and she couldn't find any in stores.

Soon, she began making clothes for friends and family members' kids, and then as the economy began to wane, she started selling them. She named the business Lolly Wolly Doodle.

From the beginning, Brandi had a smart business strategy: Connect with moms through social media. She created a Facebook page where she posted photos of Lolly Wolly Doodle clothes and asked others to do the same. It grew a sense of community around her brand and, in turn, grew her business.

Now, the company has a factory in Brandi's hometown of Lexington, N.C., and is one of the top employers there, creating jobs during a time when other businesses were struggling.

"To know that I was blessed with the opportunity to give back and for people to be able to save their homes, it was just giving someone an opportunity to work and to earn it," she told Good Morning America. "It was pretty awesome."

The Upshot

Moms are some of the most skilled entrepreneurs out there. Brandi was able to capitalize on the fact that she knew her target customer—other moms—extremely well. By connecting with them on social media, she didn't just appeal to their sense of style but also to their sense of community. How inspiring!

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