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This Story About Kids Who Hid in a Burning House May Save Your Children's Lives

The Short of It

Two young boys are reportedly in critical condition today because they allegedly hid inside their house while it was on fire instead of attempting to get out.

The Lowdown

A home fire ranks up there with every parent's worst nightmare. It would be unthinkably scary to find your family in this emergency situation, especially if you had not planned ahead about how to escape.

A horrible story out of Denver, Colorado, is highlighting the importance of reviewing an evacuation plan with your children in the case of a fire. On Tuesday morning, a house fire broke out. It was quickly under control, thanks to Denver firefighters, but they could not find two little boys, believed to be about 2 and 4 years old, inside the home until they made a second pass through.

"These children were found in really inconspicuous places in the home, so they are believed to have been hiding," Denver Fire spokesperson Melissa Taylor said.

The injured children, who may have been home alone, are at a local Denver hospital, where the are reportedly in critical but stable condition.

The Upshot

There really is no better time to talk to your kids about what to do in the event of a house fire, especially with the National Fire Protection Association's Fire Prevention Week coming up October 4–10. Alarmingly, a NFPA survey found that only one-third of Americans have a home fire escape plan that they have practiced. Only 8 percent of respondents said that their first thought upon hearing a smoke detector go off would be to get out of the house.

In light of this scary story and statistics, I am definitely inspired to discuss a fire emergency plan with my children; I only regret that we haven't done it before. Please do the same with your family tonight. Meanwhile, we are hoping and praying for the recovery of the kids involved in that Denver fire.

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