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Student Credits His Parents for His Acceptance to All 8 Ivy League Colleges

The Short of It

A high school senior, who is the son of former clerks at Target and who emigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria at age 8, has been accepted to all eight Ivy League colleges. Oh, and the five others he applied to, including MIT.

The Lowdown

Harold Ekeh, from Elmont Memorial High School in New York, has his pick among the top universities in the nation: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth and the University of Pennsylvania. The salutatorian, who admits he used to speak with such a strong accent that his peers had trouble understanding him, credits his parents for his academic success.

"My parents' hard work and my hard work finally paid off," Ekeh told the New York Post. "My parents left comfortable lives in Nigeria for their kids to have opportunities. So I take advantage of every single opportunity that has been afforded to me."

The accomplished young man also says about his parents: "No matter how many times they would get knocked down, they were always positive."

Ekeh, whose grandmother has Alzheimer's, hopes to become a neurosurgeon and find a cure for the disease. He has a wide range of interests, including playing the drums and science experiments.

The Upshot

In case you're wondering what your child needs to do to get accepted to all eight Ivy League colleges, consider that Ekeh's grade-point average is 100.5 percent, and he boasts an SAT score of 2270.

Still, the young man doesn't seem smug over his accomplishments, saying, "I hope it inspires the younger generation, not just in Elmont, but overall."

The young student is leaning towards going to Yale.

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