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Student Steals Nude Photo Off His Teacher's Phone and SHE Gets Punished

The Short of It

A South Carolina high school teacher has resigned because a student stole nude photos off her cell phone and distributed them to his classmates.

The Lowdown

Leigh Anne Arthur has been a teacher in Union County, S.C., for more than 13 years. She told WSPA 7 News that on Feb. 18 one of her students got into her desk and took the pictures—which were meant for her husband—off her phone while she was patrolling the halls and sent them to other students.

"He opened up my gallery for my pictures, and he found inappropriate pictures of myself," she explained. "He took pictures from his cell phone of that, and then he told the whole class that he would send them to whoever wanted them."

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Even worse: The student then taunted Arthur, warning her that "her day of reckoning is coming."

But instead of punishing the kid for crossing the line and invading his teacher's privacy, superintendent David Eubanks instead faulted Arthur for contributing to the delinquency of a minor because the photos got into students' hands. The school district asked her to resign, which she did the following week.

"The whole premise of my privacy being invaded is being ignored," Arthur said.

She says, according to school district policy, the student should've been expelled, but to her knowledge, that hasn't happened yet. According to Fox Carolina, the Union County Sheriff's Office is looking into the original incident and into a second police report Arthur filed this week after her husband found four of the nude photos in the couple's mailbox Tuesday. Sexually obscene statements and "You got what you deserved" were written on the back of the photos. Sheriff David Taylor says the person responsible will face felony charges.

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The Upshot

Am I missing something here? Why on earth is the teacher being punished for the horrible act of her student?

Parents and students are signing a petition called "Bring Back Mrs. Arthur" to have her reinstated. As of Wednesday, the petition has received almost 1,500 signatures and several hundred comments.

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In the meantime, Arthur told WSPA 7 News that she has a message for the troubled student: "I forgive you. What's done is done, and I hope you learned your lesson. And I hope that you learned from this mistake, and I hope that you have a wife one day that you treat like gold, and you won't want this to ever happen to her."

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