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Superhero Dad Selling His 5,000 Comic Books to Send Daughter to College

The Short of It

A Seattle dad is selling his 5,000 classic comic books to raise money to send his daughter to college.

The Lowdown

Al Sanders is an avid comic book collector, who has close to 5,000 vintage comics. Now, after a lifetime spent reading about superheros like Iron Man and Batman, he's turning into a pretty big hero himself—the tenacious dad is selling his killer collection so he can send his daughter Rose to college.

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Rose is Sanders' only child. And she's graduating from high school in June, even though she's only 16.

"She started kindergarten a year early, and she determined last summer that she wanted to graduate a year early," Sanders told ABC News. "As all parents who have college-age kids, we started putting together what it was going to cost and what we needed to do. You start looking at those options you have, and my comic books were an option. That's when I looked at their value, and I'm now trying to find a good home for them."

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That's why this weekend Sanders is headed to Emerald City Comicon, where he hopes to find one person to take the whole collection.

"It's one of this area's largest conventions," he explained. "I'm looking for somebody who enjoys reading them. When I was collecting them, I was reading them, not thinking about them as an investment."

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The Upshot

What a great dad! Sanders clearly loves his comics, but the superhero dad has no doubt that he's doing the right thing for his family by letting them go.

"We see all these stories of kids having to take out loans," he said. "We want to try to avoid that. If there's anything that can help defray the cost of her getting started, then that's what we're going to do."

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