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This Surprise Adoption Video Is the Most Emotional Thing You'll See Today

The Short of It

After struggling with years of infertility, a California couple adopts a baby and decides to surprise their family and friends across the country with the news—in person.

The Lowdown

For many people in Lacey and Banks Farris's lives, their successful adoption of daughter Finley came as a complete shock. The new mom told ABC News others were aware they wanted to adopt a child, "but they didn't know we had been matched and were talking to a particular set of parents or anything like that."

That is, until the new family-of-three showed up at their homes!

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Banks, who works in the film industry, and Lacey created a video of the reactions to the adoption of the people closest to them. Since the video was posted to YouTube, it has received almost 300,000 views, and it's easy to see why.

"Here is a quick look at our families [sic] reaction when we showed up at their front doors with a baby that we adopted. After going thru many years of struggling with infertility and a previous failed adoption, we decided that a surprise would be the best way to announce that Finley had arrived into our family," the proud new parents captioned the emotional footage.

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Just try not to well up watching how those closest to the Farris family react to baby Finley. There's a lot of "oh my God!," jaws dropping and crying—and screaming, hugging, laughter and love. It is simply beautiful to behold.

The Upshot

Incredibly, the family members and friends the Farrises filmed for this video live all over the country. As Lacey explains, "My husband's family lives in Alabama and Tennessee, and mine is in Arizona. And we live in California. Since we were in Georgia, we figured it would be effort, but if we took her around to show up to everyone's house, what a wonderful video for her to keep throughout life to know she was so welcomed and how genuinely excited everyone was to meet her."

The elated mom adds, "We wanted to make sure she viewed her adoption not as something that was weird or taboo, but we wanted it to be just part of who she is. We wanted her adoption to be part of her life and part of her story."

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The new parents say they're overwhelmed by how many people have been touched by their video. I am definitely one of them! Sniff. Congratulations to this adorable family!

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