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This Memphis Teacher Walks Kids Home From School Every Day

The Short of It

A group of elementary school teachers in Memphis, Tennessee, go above and beyond their duty each day by walking their pupils home. Now, photos capturing the sweet act of kindness are going viral.

The Lowdown

Talk about a feel-good Friday story: Every day, a group of Whitney Achievement Elementary School teachers walk kids home after the school day ends. Every day.

A recent photo taken of special education teacher Carl Schneider, as he escorted a group of kids through a thick patch of grass roadside, is going viral—and highlighting the incredible dedication of a group of educators.

This is the third year the Schneider has been walking pupils home, sometimes through reportedly not-so-safe neighborhoods. Now four more teachers, Kevin Sullivan, Auriel Rolle-Polk, Allison Thompson, Valeria Bostick, also walk about 40 kids, many of whom live more than a mile from the school, home.

"When we started to launch the school, we recognized that there was a need in the community for children to be able to get home safely," said the school's principal, Debra Broughton.

But Schneider does not seem to want any special recognition. Instead he told, "I'm happy the community I work in is being highlighted in a positive way. I think our students deserve the same love and quality education as students in any other district. It's a lot of fun, and it's a great way to get to know the students on a more informal basis and talk about their day."

The Upshot

With World Teacher's Day nearly upon us (it's Monday, October 5th, in case you didn't know!) it's a timely opportunity to say this:Teachers are amazing! Kudos to these selfless teachers in Memphis, and to all the educators who go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our children are learning, having fun, and above all, staying safe, even after the final bell rings.

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