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Tainted Halloween Candy Reports Are Real Scare for Parents

The Short of It

Trick-or-terror? At least that is how it feels as reports of tampered-with Halloween candy emerge across the country.

The Lowdown

Parents, beware as your kiddos dig through their Halloween bounty over the coming days. Reports of a fun-size Snickers bar containing a razor blade to chocolates tainted with sewing needles, mean you can't be too careful.

It was a little girl in Ohio who bit into a disposable razor blade in a bar of chocolate. She reportedly said the candy tasted like metal. Police are investigating, but so far, they don't know where the Snickers, which had a tampered-with wrapper, originated from. Near Cleveland, a metal object was discovered inside another child's Baby Ruth bar.

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there were at least half a dozen reports of sewing needles being found in Twix and Snickers bars. One parent only decided to check her child's candy after reading about needles being found in candy on Facebook.

Meanwhile, one Omaha clinic is offering to X-ray kids' candy to ensure it's safe. "It's a great way to bring the kids in to enjoy and show the family that we are here for the community," said Cynthia Hald of AFC Urgent Care.


The Upshot

These scary stories are all the evidence I need that examining my kids' candy before they eat it is non-negotiable. Here are tips for making sure your sweetie's sweets are safe:

  • Check boxes and wrappers for signs of tampering. You want to look for small holes, tears or discoloration.
  • Don't allow your child to eat any loose candy.
  • Make sure all Halloween candy matches its wrapper.
  • Check expiration dates! Or, if for instance candy is in an Easter or Christmas wrapper (yes, my kids received some!), toss it.

And if you'd rather not go to the hassle or examining every candy in your kiddo's trick-or-treat sack, try some of these healthy alternatives.

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