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Taylor Swift Donates $50K to Help a Baby Fighting Cancer


The Short of It

Taylor Swift's campaign of sweetness continues: She recently donated $50,000 to help a baby who is battling cancer.

The Lowdown

Taylor Swift is pretty well known for being sweet to her fans—she sends gifts out regularly to her biggest fans (including a whole ton of gifts last holiday season, in an event they labeled "Swiftmas"), bakes cookies for them and invites them to her place, helps college students pay off student loans, and even attended a fan's bridal shower. And her latest bit of generosity hits even closer to home. When 13-month-old Ayden, the nephew of her backup dancer, Toshi Davidson, was diagnosed with cancer, she was one of the first to participate in a GoFundMe Campaign the family set up to pay for expenses. She sent a very generous $50,000, along with a note that says: "Baby Ayden, I'm lucky enough to perform with your uncle Toshi on tour. All of us are praying for you and your mama and sending so much love your way. Love, Taylor"

(Little Ayden was diagnosed with cancer after spending 2 weeks in ICU for what doctors initially thought was pneumonia. They still haven't figured out the extent of the cancer.) That generosity led Ayden's very grateful uncle to sing the praises of his boss: "She's such an angel and my family and I can't thank her enough," he posted on Instagram. "She is such an incredible human being,"

The Upshot

It doesn't hurt to be a friend (or fan) of Taylor Swift—as it seems that she definitely has your back if you're in her squad. And we're all hoping that Ayden experiences a very swift (pun intended) recovery.

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