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Teacher's Misspelled Spelling List Makes Mom Shake Her Head

The Short of It

A boy's spelling homework is going viral after his mom posted a picture of it on Twitter. Why? Because words on the assignment sheet were spelled incorrectly—by the teacher.

The Lowdown

Mom Amanda shared a picture of her son's spelling study sheet on Twitter. The assignment was sent home by his teacher, and the words "sincerely" and "immediately" are listed as "sincerley" and "immediateley."

"My son has spellings from school that they want him to learn," Amanda captioned the image. "I'm currently holding my head and sighing."

We don't blame her!

More than 2,000 people have retweeted the picture, and they picked up on other errors in the teacher's note, too: "For homework each week, I will be sending home six words from the recommended spelling test which I will then pick up in class the following work. Please try to help you child learn these as it will make a real difference."


The Upshot

Last year, my daughter received an email from one of her teachers with the subject: "Make-up Assignement." My seventh-grader argued that if the teacher couldn't spell the word "assignment" correctly, then she shouldn't have to do it.

Fair point. But everyone's entitled to one mistake, right? Unfortunately for Amanda's son's teacher, even after she realized her errors and sent home a revised version of the spelling assignment, it wasn't enough to undo the damage—and there were still mistakes! Check it out:

Do you think the mom is entitled to feel annoyed or does she need to cut the teacher some slack?

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