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Teen Battling Brain Cancer Sends Sweet Prom Proposal to Friend

The Short of It

Victor Murray was unable to speak or move much after suffering complications from brain surgery that was performed to treat his cancer, but that didn't stop him from asking his friend Rachel Brittan to prom.

Victor wrote a card saying, "Rachel, will you please help me get out of the Warden's jail for the night and allow me to escort you to prom?"

The Lowdown

Victor was diagnosed with brain cancer about a year and a half ago. Before that, he was on the Cape Fear High School wrestling team. The boy is obviously a fighter.

"He's never had a negative attitude," said Victor's mom, Laura Hottel. "He has never been angry to the point that he wouldn't try or he wouldn't care."

In fact, Victor has been an inspiration to neighbors, who've displayed signs in the neighborhood that say, "#TeamVictor praying and believing."

Victor and his friends posed with a #TeamVictor sign on prom night, too. Seems like the pair had a very memorable night after taking a donated limo to the event.

The Upshot

"Just the fact that he would want to make me a part of that night, it just means the world to me, and it's truly a blessing," said prom date Rachel.

We're on #TeamVictor. So glad he got to experience this rite of passage. Best wishes to this amazing teen.

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