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Teen Reports Mom for Drunk Driving—From Inside the Vehicle

The Short of It

A Georgia teen helps police catch her mother for drunk driving while they're both in the car with the girl's friends.

The Lowdown

When a 16-year-old noticed her mom, Deborah Miller, was driving erratically, she felt concerned for her safety and that of her friends in the car.

"She noticed her mom was weaving all over the road. She asked her mom several times to pull over," Officer Lisa Holland from the Roswell Police Department explained to WSB TV. But Miller didn't listen. So, the teen called police; yes, from inside the vehicle.

When the cops arrived on the scene, they were able to confirm the mom had been drinking, and she now faces DUI charges.

"We have to commend the daughter for calling and reporting this," Holland said.

Local citizens are also praising the brave daughter for her actions. One told WSB TV, "It's unfortunate it takes a 16-year-old with more maturity, but the fact of the matter is the 16-year-old did the right thing."

The Upshot

It could not have been easy for this teen to report her own mom's bad behavior. But obviously Miller, her daughter, and the friends—not to mention other drivers on the road—could've been seriously hurt or killed had she not called police. Let's hope the mom gets the help she needs and can eventually realize what an amazing daughter she has.

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