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Teen Turns Online Bullying of Her Prom Dress Photos into Positive Outcome

The Short of It

Online bullies attacked an 18-year-old high school student attempting to sell her prom dress on Facebook with mean comments about her looks. But the Tennessee senior turned a negative experience into a positive, even helping a friend in need.

The Lowdown

Kristen Layne hoped to raise money for her senior prom dress by selling her junior prom dress in a Facebook group called "For Sale in Sumner County, TN." But after she posted a photo of herself wearing the gown, two men began bullying her in the comments section of the page, saying she looked fat and wasn't beautiful.

Layne says she felt like a princess in the dress and was crushed by the awful comments. Still, her response was mature beyond her years; she wrote: "Can you please stop with the comments? Sorry that I'm not pleasing to your eye."

Other commenters, clearly impressed with Layne's decision to take the high road, began chiming in with positive remarks.

"It's obvious this woman is beautiful, inside and out," wrote one.

Layne is grateful for the support.

"I don't know how to say thank you to people and accept the compliments because it doesn't happen a lot," she told WSMV TV.

In addition to selling her gown, the Tennessee teen had hoped to raise $350 on Go Fund Me to pay for a new dress. But kind strangers have donated $5,000 so far.

As if this young woman isn't impressive enough, given the way she handled her brush with online bullying, she has purchased a prom dress for a friend with some of that money. She also plans to do the girl's hair and makeup on prom night.

Layne has also found a dress for herself and can't wait to reveal it on April 18. You go girl!

The Upshot

We love the way Layne chose to handle this situation. It's very inspiring and will hopefully empower other girls to react similarly, rather than to let mean comments online destroy their self-worth.

Of course, it's puzzling as to why random strangers chose to post their disparaging remarks in the first placeā€”not that meanness online is anything new. Recently, Pennsylvania high school students were barraged with hurtful comments posted to an online Burnbook app. Parents flooded the app with positive comments in an effort to drown out the negativity.

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